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Unfortunately, I never read a book by Robert B. Parker until he passed away. I began working in my local library immediately after high school. My job was to reshelve books, and there is no better way of discovering popular authors. You begin to see the same names and series over and over again. As a fairly well read seventeen year old, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about books and "good" authors. Of course, we are all more ignorant than we think we are, and never is this more true when you are seventeen. For every Stephen King or Michael Crichton that I knew and read, there were always a couple of names that I saw repeatedly and knew nothing about. Robert B. Parker was one of those names that appeared, day in and day out. The covers and titles intrigued me and the plot descriptions sounded interesting. For whatever reason, and I really couldn't tell you why, I didn't pick up one of his novels then. I continued to browse and admire but I kept my distance.
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